Statewide Collaboration

Over the summer, Student Government Association leaders from around Colorado, led by the Colorado College Student Government Association, came together to discuss how we could all become more effective student leaders. As a result of these conversations, we decided to form the Colorado Student Government Coalition, a democratic body made up of representatives from every institution of higher education in the state. We held a convention to enumerate the details of this organization in late July, and we are planning an official first meeting for the end of September.

This organization will serve a number of purposes. First, it will consistently bring together student leaders from around the state to share best practices and learn from one another, helping us all become better student representatives. Second, it will give the students of Colorado a democratic voice, allowing us to communicate what students believe and value to decision-makers on the college, local, state, and national levels. Third, and potentially most importantly, it will allow us to organize collective action on a statewide level, giving us a powerful tool to fight for student interests.

At our first meeting, we will discuss priorities for the year. This conversation will be far better if we get input from our student bodies about what issues they want this organization to focus on. Look for us tabling at Worner Campus Center during lunch, send an email to, come to a CCSGA meeting on Thursdays at 7 p.m. on the first floor of the Spencer Center, and tweet at us @CCSGA to let us know what issues you want us to focus on. 


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