By Charlie Lynch

The Colorado College men’s rugby team is back on campus this fall, with high hopes of an exciting season after a disappointing previous season. The team faced heavy competition in its previous Fall season, despite moving into a lesser league — the National Small College Rugby Association.

Photo by Alli Moon

However, the team bounced back in their Spring season, because the style of rugby they were playing had changed. In the fall season, the team played 15’s, which means there are 15 players on the field at all times and, as a result, has a rougher style of gameplay. In the spring season, the team began playing 7’s which involves only seven players. Having fewer players on the field better suited the team’s style of play, which focused on speed, fast-twitch muscle movement, and teamwork to beat the opposition

The team competed in different 7’s tournaments, in Las Vegas for Nationals and in Colorado Springs for a local Air Force Academy tournament. These tournaments brought about much needed wins for the team, which was led ferociously by graduating seniors. The team’s success at the end of the season brought about bonding between the rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

This newfound pride has the returning rugby players feeling enthusiastic about their prospects this fall season. In light of the team’s end-of-season success with 7’s games, the players hope to focus more on the 7’s style of gameplay, and to improve the skills needed for victory in this type of rugby. 

The underclassmen on the team bring energy and spirit to the game, and they hope to contribute to the camaraderie from their previous season. “After everyone playing for a year we all have experience and knowledge that we can use to help new rugby players,” said Garrett Pilgrim ’22. “It will be fun to play 15’s again this fall, but I am also really excited to get more experience and gameplay in 7’s, because I believe that it is the strength of this team. I hope that we can make the national tournament.” 

Men’s rugby begins practices right away, in the first week of Block 1, ready to go for victory in both 15’s and 7’s style of Rugby.  

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