In annual festivities, the fraternities and sororities of Colorado College competed in a week-long competition called “Greek Week.” The past week centered around Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternal Council relations, community engagement, and having fun.

While much of the campus is often unaware of the happenings of Greek Week, it is an intensely competitive time for those in Greek Life. The winner is declared by the percentage of attendance at the daily events throughout the week. The grand prize is a trophy and bragging rights for a year, or at least until the next competition. 

Along with this, an Outstanding Senior Award was given to honor a senior throughout all six organizations that contributed a substantial amount to their chapter and left a lasting impact. This year, the award went to Addie Knight, a senior in Delta Gamma. On top of the general honor, she received a $200 gift card and recognition at the culminating banquet on Friday, May 3.

The events throughout the week ranged from all-you-can-eat pasta to bowling to volunteering with Concrete Couch. Each event was meant to connect members across the six organizations and promote Greek Life on CC’s campus. While varying slightly from year to year, Greek Week has tradition-based events that only leave the first-years not knowing quite what to expect. The other classes have experienced many of the events multiple times and are therefore even more competitive when it comes to attending them. The excitement was high for each event.

The overall winner of the entire week was Delta Gamma. They had the highest turnout of any of the organizations and contributed heavily to the success of the week. The other sororities and fraternities remained positive, despite their losses. Peyton Tich, a senior in Kappa Kappa Gamma, commented on the week. “As a senior, I have really enjoyed seeing the impact of Greek Week over the past four years” said Tich. “It’s a great time to meet new people and provieds another opportunity to hang out with my fellow Kappas.”

As this year’s competition came to a close, Greek Life reflected on their week and the excitement and engagement it received. Each year, Greek Week furthers the connections between all six organizations and reminds people of all the wonderful reasons why they chose to go Greek. 

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