Jules Stanley is a senior javelin thrower on the Colorado College women’s track & field team, organismal biology and ecology major, and future freshwater scuba diving enthusiast. Jules recently earned all-conference honors at the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Championships in San Antonio, Texas, scoring a podium spot in the javelin alongside fellow CC athlete Camille Weaver ’20. If you see Jules around, congratulate her on her impending graduation.

Photo by Alli Moon

BH: You’ve played volleyball and track at CC. I assume you got into volleyball because of your dad?

JS: Yes, he made me play during middle and high school, and I really liked it.

BH: Tell us a bit about your dad, Bruce.

JS: My dad plays volleyball for international teams, he plays in the Senior Olympics in different countries every couple years. He’s 70, so he gets to go to really cool places. He’s a good dad, I still play volleyball with him when I’m home which is nice.

BH: How’d you get into hucking the spear?

JS: In high school the javelin coach kind of recruited me and a couple of my volleyball friends because the outside hitter motion is similar to the javelin throwing motion, and it worked out very well.

BH: Coach Ted loves telling the story of your sophomore year conference javelin victory. You almost passed out with heat stroke in the 100 degree San Antonio heat, and then, to hear Ted tell it, you got a steely look in your eye, insisted on continuing, and then went on to win on your final throw. 

JS: I hated everything that day. I feel like the reason I won was because I kind of did pass out at the end of my run as I was throwing, and the form was not good but the javelin went really far. 

BH: You didn’t know whether you were born in France or in Hershey, Penn. until your 21st birthday. Were you disappointed at all upon learning the truth?

JS: Yes. While I’m a French citizen, I still wanted to have been born in France because I think that would’ve been a lot cooler than being born in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

BH: How many concussions have you had?

JS: 19.

BH: Which one of those was the most fun? Do you have a favorite concussion story?

JS: My 14th, when I was in 9th grade was my favorite because my 13th happened about a week before that. I slammed my head into the floor at volleyball practice. Then, as I was sitting off court cheering on my team at a game, a volleyball hit me in the head in the same spot, and I couldn’t walk and had to go to physical therapy for two months to relearn how to walk.

BH: That’s a fun story indeed. Are you getting a lake-specific scuba diving training for your next job, or can you use that license for ocean diving?

JS: Is that question?

BH: Yes. I do not know how scuba diving works.

JS: Neither do I.    

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