Each year, the Colorado College Student Government Association solicits applications for, and ultimately appoints, the student service on the school’s all college committees. The all college committees are a set of approximately 20 groups on campus that are tasked, through faculty governance, with tackling specific topics on campus. They range in scope from the Provost’s Advisory Committee, which approves Keller Venture Grants; to the Design Review Board, which provides input to design plans on campus; to the Committee on Instruction, which approves syllabi for new classes. 

Some of the all college committees allow student service. Others, like the Committee on Financial Aid and Admission, do not. The reasons for this bifurcation between committees with and without students are complex. Essentially, the constitution and directives of committees are outlined in the Faculty Handbook. Over the years, some committees of which student input is a cornerstone, like the Curriculum Executive Committee, have been created. The codified involvement of students is then enshrined in the Faculty Handbook, allowing students to serve until their place on the committee is stricken by a full vote of the faculty. The inverse is true as well; in order for students to serve on committees from which they have been previously excluded, the full faculty must vote on their place on the given committee. This vote, while it sounds simple, can take months to put into action.

This year, we are pleased to have selected 16 incredibly strong candidates to serve on the several all college committees which permit student service. These students can and should serve as touch-points for questions regarding both their committee’s charge and broader CC-related queries. The appointments can be found below.

Curriculum Executive Committee: Chris Maurice ’20, Theodore Weiss ’21, Deksyos  Damtew ’22

Committee on Instruction: Sophie Cardin ’22, Liam Reynolds ’21

Provost’s Advisory Committee: Emma Fetterly ’20, Lily Weissgold ’20

Information Technology and Library Board: Taylor Hawkins ’21, Josie McCauley ’22

Budget Committee: Remy Wells ’20, Natalie Gubbay ’20

NCAA-Required Institutional Athletics Board: Gabrielle Jadotte ’22

Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum: Melanie Mandell ’20, Elias Asher ’21

Design Review Board: Bradley Bollag-Miller ’21, Emma Brossman ’20  

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