Jake Golbus ’19 is an Adam Press Fitness Center employee with big dreams and a solid sumo deadlift. If you see him around this week, ask to see his brand new tattoo — make sure you do before he graduates and jets off to Georgia (the country) for the rest of the year.

Photo Courtesy of Ben Hall

Ben Hall: You work in the Fitness Center: How do you like working on this side of Colorado College athletics?

Jake Golbus: It’s cool. I love being in the gym. Most of my friends are athletes, so I get to see them a lot, which is nice.

BH: A lot of your close friends are on the basketball team and the lacrosse team, Were you ever on a varsity team here at CC?

JG: I am the Great Imposter, Ben Hall. I am the elusive NARP, a NARP of many guises. 

BH: You’re in here all the time. What are your athletic goals?

JG: Well, my mom is a really good marathoner; my sister’s a runner; they’re always getting after it. So fitness is just kind of a way of living. But also, my plan when I graduate is to join the military, and I want to make sure I’m in good shape for that.

BH: You’ve got a tattoo appointment coming up. Tell us about that.

JG: Yeah, on Thursday I’m going to go get my first tattoo. It’s a cool grim reaper guy holding a bottle of booze. My mom’s going to love it; my sister already told me I’m gonna regret it, so rock and roll.

BH: What was your prerogative for that specific tattoo?

JG: I’ve been wanting one for a long time, and I realized I was never gonna decide on one if I just waited around for the perfect design. So I saw it and was like, “Alright, cool.” Cause I kind of believe in self-ornamenation — I act a certain way, and I wanna be a specific person, and this is part of looking the part: jacked, bearded, tatted, and bald. Although the bald isn’t really my choice, it’ll just happen eventually. I told my mom I wanted to get jacked and tatted and she said, “Okay, honey.”  

BH: Last week, I had Quin Gattey ’19 on the program, and talked to him a bit about his upcoming UN internship in Georgia, the country. You have the same internship — what’re you excited about?

JG: I travelled abroad a little bit during my time at CC. You and I went to Israel together; I did the summer abroad in Spain … but I think this will be a good post-grad experience to have some time by myself to focus and get ready for some of the things I have coming up.    

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