As part of Cornerstone Arts Week, and in an effort to “get real,” Colorado College brought in distinguished author Roxane Gay. Her talk on April 29 centered around her writing, her feminist views, and selected readings from her memoir “Hunger.”

Gay has authored multiple books and short stories, including the New York Times bestselling essay collection “Bad Feminists.” Along with this, she and Yona Harvey were the first Black women to be lead writers for Marvel, in their work “World of Wakanda.” Gay is world-renowned for her ability to “get real” and to be open and insightful.

The intimate chat began with Gay displaying her famously wicked sense of humor. After the laughter died down, she began to read from her memoir, in which she explores her experience of living in her body. While incredibly vulnerable work, Gay explained how her honesty came through distance from and acceptance of her lived experiences. Yet, even with this distance, she pointed out how this only works for very specific instances. There must still be an importance placed on self-protection, as Gay explained, in order to “preserve my sanity.”

Photo by Alli Moon

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