•  David Malpass, ’76, took office as the president of the World Bank on April 9. (CC Communications)
  •  The CC climbing team will head to nationals after finishing No. 3 overall at regional championships in Denver. Claire Bresnan ’19 and Rin Gentry ’19 were named regional champions in their respective categories. (CC Communications)
  •  Six students were awarded Fulbright Fellowships in Thailand, Taiwan, Spain, Moldova, South Africa, and the Kyrgyz Republic. (CC Communications)


  •  CS Utilities announced a $10.24 per month rate decrease effective May 1. (KRDO)
  •  TheatreWorks, a Colorado Springs theatre company, will stage a production of Little Shop of Horrors. (Gazette)
  •  Schriever Air Force Base is investigating allegations that a master sergeant serving there is part of White Supremacist group, Evropa. (CSIndy)
  •  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo welcomed a new wolf pup earlier this week. (KOAA5)
  •  El Paso County led Colorado in population growth in 2018. (DenChannel)


  •  Colorado lawmakers approved a bill to develop a public health insurance option, directing state agencies to recommend a plan. It awaits Governor Jared Polis’ signature. (AP)
  • Researchers at Climate Central released a report that said climates in Colorado are warming faster than the national average. (Gazette)
  • Two-time Colorado governor John Hickenlooper announced his candidacy for president. (NYT)
  • Marijuana tax money is targeted for Colorado’s full-day kindergarten rollout. (DenPo)
  • Musical artist Lizzo added a second concert in Colorado due to “overwhelming demand.” (9News)
  • The Colorado Supreme Court announced on Monday it will decide whether a ban on high-capacity gun magazines is constitutional. (DenPo)


  • A video of a Black Columbia University student, Alexander McNab, pinned to the ground by a public safety officer when he refused to show ID, went viral last week.  (NYT)
  • The Supreme Court will decide whether a citizenship question in the census is constitutional. (Hill)
  • Last week, President Donald Trump vetoed a resolution passed by Congress to end U.S. military assistance in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. (AP)
  • Gallup says the percentage of U.S. adults who belong to a church or other religious institution has plunged by 20 points over the past two decades, hitting a low of 50% last year. (AP)
  • Elon Musk revealed a plan to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road in a year. (AP)


  •  ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on Roman Catholic churches and fancy hotels in Sri Lanka that killed more than 300 people and injured 500. (AP)
  • Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi won a likely-rigged referrendum to change the constitution to extend term limits and allow for his reelection. He is in the process of arresting all dissidents, forging a dictatorial path more extreme than Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted in the 2011 Arab Spring. (NYT)
  • A jade mine collapsed in Myanmar earlier this week, killing at least 50 people. (NYT)
  • A 41-year-old comedian with political experience and few detailed policies named Volodymyr Zelenskiy won the Ukrainian election. (NYT)
  • Rumors are circulating that Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton with family friend Rose Hanbury. (Cosmo)
  • Lyra McKee, a journalist in Northern Ireland, was killed while covering a night of violent unrest in Londonderry. Police consider it a domestic terrorist episode. (BBC)
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested this morning at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London after Ecuador withdrew the asylum it had long granted him. (AP)

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