Quin Gattey is a senior captain on the men’s Track and Field Team, a co-director of Colorado College Emergency Medical Services, admissions ambassador, and all-around great guy. I consider him to be a father figure to me on this campus, and will always value the wisdom and vibes he consistently imparts upon myself and everyone else he interacts with.

Photo Courtesy of CC Athletics

Ben Hall: What’s a lesson you learned guiding rafting trips in Idaho with Dallas Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch?


Quin Gattey: He was an absolute meathead. He couldn’t read the river at all but he could row out of anything, he was a tank. I learned that if you act confident, the guests will feel comfortable even if you have no idea what’s going on. I learned how to make conversation with incredibly obnoxious humans, which is a transferrable skill.


BH: Conference is coming up this weekend in San Antonio, Texas. What’re the goals from your point of view?


QG: I want Michael Gorman, who was recently taken off the IR list after getting his appendix removed last week, to help us give Texas Lutheran and Trinity a run for their money in the 4x400m.


BH: What are you most excited about for your upcoming UN internship in Georgia.


QG: I think Eastern Europe’s going to be exciting. I’m excited for the Perogies, excited for cheep beer, and feeling really uncomfortable in a place I’ve never been nor experienced anything like before. I feel like I’m wildly unqualified for the position, so I’ll have to learn a lot and learn quickly. I’m also excited to live abroad in a non-pretentious abroad setting.


BH: You’re a man of many talents, and a true face of this school — co-director of CCEMS, admissions fellow, varsity athletics captain. Which title or position over the years has meant the most to you?


QG: I should probably say admissions fellow, but I’m going to say my position as fourth captain of the Sneaky Beef intramural futsal team. We were the 2018 tournament champions, and have been to the finals three of four times in the last four years in both futsal and soccer.


BH: How’d you get into the EMT scene?


QG: I finished my freshman year and said, “Quin, I want to be a doctor,” so I’ll do the pre-med track and take the EMT adjunct alongside that. I wound up taking Chem 1 first block of my sophomore year, and cried more that block than any other month in my life (with the possible exception of when my friend Carson moved in the third grade.) I decided I’m going to take the classes at CC I wanted to take, but stuck with the EMT stuff, which I’m very glad I did, and I’ve been with CCEMS the past couple years. I’ve been very happy with that, but not necessarily something I want to pursue going forward. Unless this Georgia thing doesn’t pan out…  


BH: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Kevin Cronin is departing at the end of this year. Do you have a Kevin-related story or sentiment you’d like to share?

QG: I’ll miss Kevin yelling through the window as I walked by or signaling that he wanted to talking about superfluous things; I always just enjoy the time talking to him, and when someone else walks by and his attention immediately changes, leaving you to drift off into the abyss back to your weights.    

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