Although the school year is coming to a close, it seems like there are more events than ever on campus. From festivals, clubs, and everything in between, our Student Life Committee has certainly been busy. Amid all of the end-of-year excitement, we are proud to announce our annual opportunity to serve the community and extend the required move-out deadline through CCSGA’s GiveLeave Volunteer Program. 

GiveLeave is a program where students, as they pack up their belongings for the summer, can donate unneeded items by leaving them in residence halls around campus. These belongings are sorted and packed into trucks by student volunteers. This year, volunteers for GiveLeave will work from May 14–16, as well as an additional day for seniors on May 20. Students who volunteer will be eligible for extended stay until Monday, May 20, and they’ll receive free lunches the days they work.  

This year all GiveLeave donations are going to Haseya Housing Partners, a program of Red Wing Consulting Company, which supports American Indian women who are survivors of domestic or sexual violence. Haseya means “She Rises” in the Navajo language of Diné. Additionally, we are proud supporters of the Haseya Advocate Program, which empowers of Native women currently experiencing abuse. 

Our donations from GiveLeave will go toward their Transitional Housing Program that works with survivors to help them move forward and lead safe and healthy lives. Before the creation of the GiveLeave program, students would drop their excess belongings all around campus, putting an undue burden on our facilities members to collect them. 

This year, we’re hoping to have even more volunteers contribute their time to this great cause. Our partnership with Haseya is incredibly important now, especially in light of CC’s pledge to become an anti-racist institution. 

To find out more about Haseya Housing Partners, or volunteer on your own, visit their website at For more information surrounding GiveLeave, please contact Fran Grandonico (     

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