As the year comes to a close, the senior class has begun tying up all their loose ends. In order to ease this process, the Office of Alumni held the Grad Fair for two days in Gaylord Hall this week. It provided an opportunity for each senior to check in with various campus offices and confirm that their time at Colorado College is complete.

The fair included reviewing any outstanding balances, checking with the library and bookstore staff for anything unreturned, and an all-around confirmation that each senior was ready to receive their diploma. To many students’ dismay, Campus Safety was also there to tell those with cars to finally pay back their parking tickets. The opportunity to give to the Senior Gift was included, and donors received a fun green cord. The Career Center was also present for seniors to discuss their various post-grad plans. 

To combat the anxiety and confusion of the senior class, pizza was unlimited and prizes were raffled off every few minutes. Along with this, seniors who checked in with each office were entered into a raffle with the opportunity of winning up to $200 gift cards. The entire goal of the Grad Fair was to expedite the process and answer all remaining questions that individuals may have. 

With one of the highest profile speakers Colorado College has ever hosted for the commencement ceremony, Oprah Winfrey, it was crucial to make sure each senior gets the tickets they need. The Grad Fair provided a much more streamlined process for the end of the year, as opposed to sifting through dozens of emails. A chaotic time for all, CC removed a little bit of stress so that each senior can enjoy their Block 8 to the fullest, knowing that a diploma is on its way.  

Illustration by Cate Johnson

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