1.  PictureThis — Free With In-App Purchases

PictureThis acts as your boisterous botanist friend without taking up an extra seat in your car. The app allows users to take photos and rifle through their plant guide and map. It also has a social media aspect where you can network and share photos of the plants you find at your campsite. The app also provides a “care” section that tells you how to tend to any plants you have with you or may want to bring home.

2.  Night Sky — Free With In-App Purchases

Have you ever envied your friends who can point out the stars and planets in the night sky? Have you ever wondered if they are pulling these facts out of their Uranus? Using the GPS and camera in your phone, Night Sky turns any place into an observatory by showing a comprehensive breakdown of the constellations, planets, and satellites in view. The app has other features available for purchase that include comprehensive tours of the planets, satellites, stars, and our solar system. Bring Night Sky on your seventh Block Break trip to show your know-it-all friends that the tables have Sa-turned. 

3.  Roadtrippers — Free With In-App Purchases

Roadtrippers allows you to plan your road trip from start to finish. The app shows you food, dining, and amusement options along your route as you plan it. You can share your plan with the members of your car with its “share” feature. You can also post your trip route and search the hundreds of other trip routes posted by other users. While the app is mainly focused on road trips, it has also curated 48-hour city guides available for flyers, drivers, and long-distance bikers. 

4.  USFS&BLMCG — $1.99

 USFS&BLMCG provides a map of all national park and BLM land in the United States. This app allows users to find free public lands for camping leisure. Be sure to check for fire bans in the area, however, before tossing the ol’ gasoline on top a log and lighting it aflame.

5. American Red Cross First Aid — Free

Is your Wilderness First Responder certification expired? Or have you never had one in the first place, but are still planning to tromp out into the great outdoors and get up to all kinds of shenanigans? Never fear — this app has a comprehensive guide to first aid, readily available on your iPhone. If you find yourself fumbling around in the woods with a Walmart first aid kit without a clue, or want a refresher on your WFR training, this app can assist you.   

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