When we think of fast food, immediately places like McDonald’s, KFC, and Sonic come to mind. We think of greasy and unhealthy food. We think of guilty pleasures. The alternative, of course, is dining out at a restaurant with fresh and locally sourced food. But that requires time and money, and often we don’t feel like we have either of those things. 

   What if I told you fast food didn’t have to be unhealthy, guilty, or greasy? Sprig takes fast food to an entirely new level, adding color, texture, flavor, and nutrition. 

   The menu offers a variety of bowls, salads, sides, smoothies, and juices that are prepared within minutes of ordering. Once prepared, dishes are beautifully placed on a small shelf labeled “pick up,” and customers can choose whether to dash out, or eat their meal in the cute and comfortable restaurant space. Those who are in a hurry don’t even have to step into the restaurant to order food, because Sprig has a drive-through option. 

Photo By Becca Stine

   Sprig is the first healthy drive-in option I have encountered in Colorado Springs, and possibly ever. With filling bowls of nutritious food for only $9–10, this dining option feels like a no brainer! The spice and flavor in their dishes is just as potent as other healthy restaurants in Colorado Springs.

   The restaurant has a modern feel, like a small pop-in place you would find in a large city. The design is minimalistic, with marble-top tables, white walls, and wooden stools. Each dish has the aesthetic, trendy look you see in many similar restaurants, only it takes half the time to prepare.

   “After eating a McDonald’s meal, it’s this weird feeling in your stomach of having food in there, but not being quite full,” Zac Schulman ’19 said. “You can feel the empty calories, and you’re hungry again just minutes later!” At Sprig, not only is the food fast and convenient, but also it is incredibly filling. A small bowl stacked with quinoa, roasted cauliflower, avocado, and grilled tempeh left my stomach stuffed and my body energized for several hours.

   Healthy grain bowls have become a trend in the last several years, and many people complain that they taste the same. Sprig, however, has unique options under the “Breakfast Bowl” section of their menu. Items range from savory oats with tamari greens mixed with roasted vegetables, a steamed egg, avocado, and wmiso sesame sauce, to a pesto scramble with the option of crumbled tempeh, vegan kale pesto, and sunflower seeds. The à la carte menu also offers handmade rosemary crackers and delicious cookies. The soup currently on the menu is a green coconut soup made with steamed kale, various herbs and spices, and coconut milk. The smoothie selection includes an espresso-almond option, which tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a drink. Sprig also turns these smoothies into bowls, adding grains and chopped fruit to make it more of a meal. 

   Sprig: “Enlightened Eats” makes eating healthy easy, at a time when greasy fast food restaurants are at every other traffic light. The restaurant makes a nutritional option more accessible than it’s been before. 

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