Club sports at Colorado College are a great opportunity to stay active, have fun, and play sports at a less intense level than varsity teams. Seneca Griffin ’19 and Zac Schulman ’19 are two examples of sports-lovers who wanted more than intramurals could offer but less of a time commitment than varsity programs. Club soccer made for the perfect compromise.

Last year, Griffin organized CC’s first-ever men’s club soccer team, and he became the team’s first captain. “I have learned that being in a position of power, although rewarding, is incredibly taxing as you are the one that is held accountable for the team,” said Griffin. “It’s your job to get energy up or keep people focused, to hold yourself accountable justly and fairly. Being a leader more than anything means biting the bullet and motivating teammates through your actions.” 

This year, the team joined the Rocky Mountain Collegiate League and played eight games. Tryouts were held the second week of the 2018 school year and about 40 students came to try out, with 25 of them making the team.

Strong, cohesive team dynamics are imperative for a new team’s success in sportsmanship and camaraderie. “The team dynamic has grown a ton since August. Being a new club, there was no real legacy to go off of and no one had really played together,” Griffin said. “Although it’s tough on the Block Plan trying to make everything fit nicely into your schedule, we have a solid group that comes out to practice and events and I have been really grateful to see the team coming together.” 

Center defensive midfielder Gus Day ’21 described the team’s practice schedule. “In the fall and into this winter, generally, we have practiced about two times a week and sometimes we have an informal third practice when guys are up for it,” he said. 

More specifically, the team practices every Monday and Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. on Washburn Field during blocks in which the team competes. 

Throughout their season, the men’s soccer team has proved to be hardworking, dedicated, and focused on improving. Even though the team is fairly new, they managed to make it to the National Intermural and Recreational Sports Association National Soccer Championship, a 24-team tournament in Foley Ala. Griffin commented on the team’s bid in the tournament. “The rumor is true,” he said. “We went to nationals in our first year as a registered CC club sport.” 

CC played three games total, losing all of them in close battles. Their first game was against the University of Connecticut, the second was against James Madison University, and the third was against Butler University. “The best part was that the rental agency gave us an Escalade so at least we rode up in style,” Griffin said. “All in all, it was a great team bonding experience and lots of fun.” 

Day noted that the national tournament was a challenge for the team. “The other programs, being from bigger schools, are able to draw from larger pools of kids and have programs that are more established than ours. But we knew that going into it, and the team worked really hard. We are excited and optimistic about what we can do next season.”

The team will start preparing for their lower-key spring season after Winter Break. 

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