By Arielle Gordon

During the month of November, six Colorado College sports teams — four club sports and two varsity teams — along with the Outdoor Education department, ran crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for equipment, competition entry fees, and travel expenses. 

Collectively, the efforts raised $13,761, with three teams exceeding their goals and two other teams raising more than 50 percent of their stated goal.  

“We try to keep the costs of participating on the team as low as possible, but even with increased team dues we still do not have enough funds to send everybody to all of the competitions that they want to go to and qualify for,” said Zach Levy ’21, club climbing team captain. “We turned to crowdfunding this year as a way to make up for this discrepancy, and our efforts were very successful.”

The climbing team set a $2,000 goal and raised $1,215, which gave them 60 percent of their requested funding. The club figure skating team also raised a significant portion of its initial asking amount, bringing in $2,650 of their $5,000 goal. They were requesting funding to be able to offset costs for skaters to travel to two competitions in California next semester.  

The CC equestrian team was one of two club teams which raised more money than it asked for, giving it a total of $2,025. Riders face travel costs just to practice, having to drive more than an hour to and from their practice barn. In addition to raising money to reimburse team members for gas on the long drives, the team also requested funding to purchase uniforms and maintain the barn for competitions. 

“We decided to crowdfund to make sure that members on our team were financially responsible as little as we can to ensure that everyone can continue to participate in the sport they love, and to be able to send exceptional members to Zones or Nationals without money being a factor in their ability to do so,” said Mac Millard ’19, club equestrian team captain. “We also think it is a great way to connect with our alums and community as we can give them updates on our success as a team and with how we choose to spend the crowdfunding money.”

The other team who raised more money than it asked for was the club cycling team. It received $2,411, 120 percent of its $2,000 goal. The team has grown significantly in recent years, from entering five or six riders in a race to having close to 20 team members riding in some races. The races charge an entry fee per rider, so the cyclists have to raise and spend more money to allow the whole team to participate. 

Photo Courtesy of Paxton Hyde

“The $2,000 we raised will cover us until this time next year,” said Paxton Hyde ’19, club cycling captain. “We want to make a community of cyclists on campus and help people who have never raced before get out and try racing.”  

Men’s basketball was the only varsity team to exceed its goal with $4,115 of its $4,000 goal. According to its crowdfunding page, it plans to use the money to offset costs for team members to participate in a basketball tour to Costa Rica this coming summer. 

Additionally, outdoor education raised $795 to help offset the costs of its annual Wilderness First Responder training course.  

In its second crowdfunding campaign, the varsity men’s soccer team raised $550. Head coach Scott Palguta was pleased with the outcome and considered receiving any donations to be a positive result of its fundraising. He already has a plan for the money it raised. 

“We will utilize the fundraising dollars to both enhance our annual operating budget and save for international travel,” said Palguta. “It is a men’s soccer tradition to take an overseas trip every three years — as permitted by the NCAA — and we never want to leave a player behind because of the cost to attend. We took the team to Italy earlier this year and plan to go abroad again in 2021.”

Best of luck to the Tigers as they compete next semester and work towards their goals for the future. Keep an eye out for the next opportunity to support CC athletes.  

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