If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that varsity sports can be a huge commitment. If you don’t want to deal with mandatory practices and the loss of precious recreation time on gameday weekends, but you still want to fend off the “freshman fifteen” and keep your competitive spirit alive, then you should consider joining club sports.

Photos By Griffin Mansi

Last year, Seneca Griffin ’19 and Zac Schulman ’19 organized a men’s club soccer team. This year the team joined the Rocky Mountain Collegiate League and are scheduled for eight games.

“When I was a freshman, there wasn’t a men’s club soccer team,” Griffin said.  “There has always been a strong pick-up community with 70–80 kids coming out on the regular for games.” Griffin plays center back for the club team and helped organize tryouts.

“We had tryouts second week and about 40 kids came out, and 25 made the team,” he said. “Then we had our first game against Fort Lewis last weekend.” The team looked great with organized passing and seamless substitution.

“Our game plan was to work the ball and use the subs we had to our advantage,” Griffin said. “It went well; we won 5–0 and had some great goals, but there are definitely some kinks we have to work out.”

“We see a lot of individuality on the field so we are working to be a more cohesive unit,” Griffin said. “Getting everyone on the same page is one of the goals we want to tackle early on. We also have a huge range of skill level. For instance, there’s Joel Frykholm ’19, who was on the varsity team, and then we have kids who haven’t played full field games in a long time. And people bring different levels of intensity to it.”

Will Osier ’20 brings a high level of intensity to the team but recognizes that at the end of the day, he’s out there to have fun. “I want to have a lot of fun this season and take advantage of the fact that we’re not a varsity sport. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the team,” Osier said.

“Everyone takes it seriously when it’s game time, but during practices sometimes there’s a difference,” said Osier. “Overall, it’s competitive and a great way to stay involved with soccer but definitely a more relaxed experience.”

The men’s club soccer team is undefeated and hopes to keep that record on Saturday, Sept. 15, against University of Colorado Boulder.

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