Junior Zac Schulman came to Colorado College three years ago with a love for soccer, but he quickly discovered that he desired more than what the intramurals could offer. Unfortunately, there was not an alternative besides the DIII team, so he sought a men’s club soccer team. At first, he was constantly denied. “Everyone said the team was impossible,” Schulman said.

But a few years later, Schulman decided to find out for himself, so he approached Chris Starr, the director of intramurals, club sports, and wellness, and voiced his desire for a men’s club soccer team. Starr supported the idea from the start, but made it clear to Schulman that he was responsible for organizing the team.  “It has been talked about for a while,” said sophomore Charlie Mounts, an enthusiastic potential member of the men’s club soccer team, “I’m excited that someone is finally putting it together.” 

The team already has a massive interest of over 60 students, but according to Schulman, the team is still in the early stages and is not yet official. Starr said that the team will definitely form if Schulman does the required work to get into a league. So far there has been interest for the proposed team to play in two conferences, one in the spring and the other in the fall. Schulman has reached out to league commissioners, coaches, and even other captains to ensure that this proposed team becomes a reality.

“There are a lot of people showing up and it looks very promising,” said first-year Alejandro Martinez. “Hopefully it will be here to stay.” Scott Palgutta, head coach of the CC men’s soccer team, has even said that he will donate uniforms to help ensure that the team becomes a reality. With support from Starr, Palgutta, and the 60 students all under the leadership of Schulman, the team is likely going to have its inaugural season this spring.

“We have had two kick-arounds so far, and there is definitely a lot of talented soccer players here,” Schulman said. The team meets every Sunday at 8 p.m. on Washburn field, weather permitting. If you have any questions about joining, email for more information.

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