The Democratic Caucus for precinct #176 will be held in Slocum Commons. Photo by David Andrews
The Democratic Caucus for precinct #176 will be held in Slocum Commons. Photo by David Andrews

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have dominated headlines lately as they battle across the nation to take home the Democratic nomination. After Nevada, New Hampshire, and Iowa, the duo is heading into Super Tuesday in a somewhat undecided race. Clinton capitalized on strong support from minority voters in Nevada to pocket 19 of 34 delegates in the state.

Heading into Super Tuesday, Clinton holds a 67-52 lead over Sanders. Super Tuesday, as it is known, belies the super important nature of the day in which Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia all hold caucuses to allocate their delegates to one candidate.

GOP leaders decided to scrap the Colorado primaries for their party. This way, the Republican delegates that travel to Cleveland for the RNC will not have any recommendation for how they should vote.

While the GOP won’t be conducting caucuses on Tuesday, March 1, the Democratic Party will be mobilizing voters across next week on Super Tuesday. The process is a mystery to many voters, especially for many first-time voters at Colorado College.

CC is a part of Precinct 7 in El Paso County. The meeting place for the precinct is Slocum Commons. Students will arrive on Tuesday and will have the opportunity to give speeches and make arguments for each Democratic candidate. Students are only allowed to participate if they have been registered Democrats since at least Jan. 4.

The implications of the caucus should be wide-reaching. After Super Tuesday, it will be much more clear to see which candidate will be representing the Democratic Party in the national election.

Colorado in particular is a state that will have heavy influence from millennial voters. Colorado’s youth demographic is the fastest-growing age group in the state. It also appears that youth voter turnout has been rising, as opposed to declining—the opposite of the national trend.

Democratic Caucus

Tuesday, March 1 @ 7 pm

Slocum Commons

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