The Kids in Motion program, established over 20 years ago to connect the skills and enthusiasm of Colorado College dance students to children in the Colorado Springs community, is no longer being housed at CC.

“Kids in Motion is an opportunity for underprivileged children in the area to have a chance to be exposed to dance,” said sophomore Ellen Wen, a volunteer teacher at the program.

Many students have voiced concern and frustration due to the displacement of the program off campus. Students without cars are now unable to volunteer on their own and students with cars must dedicate a larger amount of time to volunteering than before.

There is also confusion about the reason for the switch. Past CC participants claim that in its time at CC, Kids in Motion has always been held at an hour when dance studios were vacant, and the liability coverage for the program was paid. Kids in Motion was not taking up any needed space or funding at CC.

Without Kids in Motion, students have to find volunteer opportunities on their own.

“The Dance Department does bring a lot of people onto campus and holds a variety of workshops, but in terms of something that encourages teaching dance, there isn’t really anything else,” said Wen.

Chair of the Dance Department, Professor Shawn Womack, cited several reasons for the move of the program.

“First, it wasn’t tied to the theatre dance curriculum and didn’t enhance our mission or curriculum,” said Womack. “Second, the college’s policies changed about use of spaces by outside groups. Third, our dance studios are in high demand for student and faculty rehearsals and projects.”

Statements made by students and faculty about the move clearly contradict each other.

The program was moved to the choir room of a church off-campus called First Christian Church—Disciples of Christ and classes are now limited to four students. Students pay $3 per class, still much less than they would pay at a regular dance studio.

“As of right now it’s only CC students that teach the classes, but since it’s been moved off-campus, the program might start finding people from UCCS,” said Wen.

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