The quest for the intramural Holy Grail— the championship T-shirt— is coming to a close as teams in both the co-ed and open leagues compete in the single elimination intramural basketball playoffs. If you missed the season, here is a recap: At the end of the regular season, the open league had three teams who stood out to potentially win the tournament.

With four wins apiece, Shaqtin’ a Fool (4-0), C.L.A.S. (Corey is Lame as Shit, 4-1), and The Sweet Swishers (4-1) all started out in the running for the championship. Blouses (1-3), The Boys (1-3), and Tigernets (0-4) stood far behind the rest of field, and while many might have started thinking about ordering their own T-shirts, Blouses came back with a surprise victory over Shaqtin’ a Fool on Wednesday night in game three, securing their move forward in the tournament.

“You have to play to win, but you also have to win to play,” were the wise words from Bart Burgdorf, a member of C.L.A.S. who has high hopes for his team’s future in the playoffs. “Our star player Corey Wake is a RipStik rider, Volcom enthusiast, and monster on the boards,” says Burgdorf.

On Wednesday night, C.L.A.S. defeated the Sweet Swishers in game four, ensuring their continued place in the tournament and the hopes of Burgdorf and his teammates.

In the co-ed league, predicting the future of the post-season tournament was much more difficult as there was a larger field of teams with no obvious dominant squad. At the end of the regular season, What’s Cooke’n In The Kitchen led the league with a 4-1 record. Their lead was narrow as they were closely followed by Five Finger Death Slam (3-1), The Magic Johnsons (3-1), and He Ain’t Even Put It In (3-2). Also in the running were many underdog teams without winning records.

Alex Peebles-Capin, captain of co-ed intramural basketball team Taylor Swish (1-3), had his eyes set on an intramural championship T-shirt.

In the first game of the co-ed league playoffs on Monday night, Peebles-Capin led Taylor Swish in their win over Blak Eyed Peans in game one. “We are the Golden State of intramural basketball. Meghan Tanel is our Steph Curry, she is the best player in the league,” said Peebles-Capin.

Last Tuesday, Taylor Swish fell to What’s Cooke’n In The Kitchen in game five. But then the team came back on Wednesday to defeat The Dribbling Beavers in game seven.

On Tuesday, Mar. 1, while politicians are going head to head in the Colorado caucus, C.L.A.S. and Blouses will also go head to head in game seven for the open league. The championship games for both leagues will occur Thursday night, Mar. 3, at 7 and 8 p.m.

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