The school year is coming to a close, and most Colorado College students won’t get the luxurious four days off every month that we have grown accustomed to.  Nonetheless, a nine-to-five job or internship does not have to put to death your experience as an outdoor adventurer.  To continue exploring the natural world, take on the Weekend Warrior persona.

The Weekend Warrior is a person, presumably a worker, who is occupied with his or her career during the weeks, but as soon as the clock strikes five on Friday, they are unleashed from their cubical and free to explore.  This is a gig every CC student can get on board with.

Mini-trips are refreshing and essential to clear the mind after a long week of routines.  They also take a lot less planning than Block Breaks.  It can be a simple as being a tourist in your own city or throwing a tent and sleeping bag in the car to see where the road takes you.

You might think that a weekend is not nearly enough time do anything really great.  However, if you leave on a Friday afternoon and don’t spend too much time in the car, you could have a full 48 hours of adventure.

If you are in Colorado this summer, climbing a fourteener (or multiple) is a great Weekend Warrior trip.  I have done this weekend trip many times and the timeline usually works out like this: drive to the trail head Friday and camp; wake up at dawn Saturday and summit the peak before the afternoon thunderstorms roll in; spend the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning recuperating and maybe read or swim in a lake; and drive back Sunday afternoon.

Wherever you are this summer, and maybe next year for you seniors, be sure to make the most of your weekends by getting outside.

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