The Colorado College men’s basketball team has made national headlines this season for their philanthropic endeavors, as well as their team efforts on and off the court. As the Tigers head to Texas this weekend for their final road games of the season, staff writer Nila Horner chatted with a few members of CC’s men’s basketball program regarding finishing out their impressive season.

“Teamwork is putting yourself second for the betterment of the team,” says freshman forward John Hatch. “It doesn’t matter who scores, who shoots, or who gets all the accolades come post-season; whatever is best for the team is the only thing that matters. Though our team has struggled at times finding our identity on and off the court, when we come together as one unit and put ‘us’ before ‘me,’ then we become a dangerous team.”

“Our main goal is to win the SCAC tournament and earn a berth to the NCAA tournament,” said Hatch. “After that, it’s going to be a team effort to make a run and have the opportunity to establish ourselves as one of the best teams in the country at the DIII level.”

Junior Luke Winfield seconded Hatch’s opinion and commented on the large amount of motivation it takes to play in such a long season.

“Our basketball season runs from mid-October to around March, so it takes a huge toll on the body,” says Winfield. “Basically, we all just take it one day at a time.”


“We continue to work on our day-to-day process to improve individually and collectively,” said Head Coach Andee Partee. “We also review our core values daily and reiterate our team goals. Hopefully, winning will be a by-product of our continued focus on a day-to-day basis. Our goals for the rest of the season include winning two games, one game at-a-time, as well as working towards playing our best basketball in the month of February.”

The entire Colorado College community is hoping for a successful weekend in Texas. The Tigers return for their final set of home games on Feb. 13 and 15 in Reid Arena.

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