This Friday, Jan. 30 marks the fourth annual Winter on the Rocks concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre featuring Major Lazer and Damian Marley. An event that is becoming iconic for Colorado has previously hosted acts such as Jurassic 5, Ghostland Observatory, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Atmosphere, and Common.

The euphoric feeling of seeing amazing acts hit the stage in the freezing cold with thousands of other concertgoers in an outdoor amphitheater is an experience that does not happen all too often. Many people say that regardless of the acts, the opportunity to be in one of the most impressive and beautiful venues in the country is enough to provide a breathtaking experience.

The freezing temperatures do not seem to be a significant hindrance. Past attendees have stated that once the music begins you don’t even think about how cold it is outside and only focus on the amazing group-experience of thousands of bodies moving in unison, filling the air with an undeniable energy.

Because of large attendance rates from Colorado College students, CCSGA’s outreach committee along with the Worner Desk and SOCC (Sounds of Colorado College) have offered buses to the concert in the past and will do so again this year for the concert. With extremely reasonable rates, only $3 per person, it is a safe-alternative to late night driving and driving under the influence. Not to mention a more economical and environmentally friendly experience. The buses plan to leave campus at 5 p.m. and will leave Red Rocks at 12:30 a.m. to arrive home by 2 a.m.

It is reassuring that organizations acknowledge the music scene in Colorado and realize how important the experience is for students at CC and for locals in the area. One such organization, “Bus to Show”, is also following the trend of providing eco-friendly, community-integrated, and financially accessible transportation to Colorado residents as well.

Their mission is to provide a safe environment and community for music-goers and reduce intoxicated driving. They, too, recognize the importance of music in Colorado and the community’s responsibility and opportunity to facilitate a safe space. They will also be providing transportation to “Winter on the Rocks”.

Overall, it’s expected to be a mind-blowing event full of wonderful vibrations and good rhythms and surely both Damian Marley and Major Lazer will not disappoint.

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