The ‘80s were a time for change across the United States, trimming long locks into mullets and replacing the groovy sounds of disco with the Beach Boys; however, at Colorado College, the main shift in focus was geared towards helping students achieve “wellness.”

As reported by the Catalyst in 1982, Boettcher Student Health Center roots their mission and vision around the five dimensions of wellness: nutritional awareness, physical fitness, stress recognition and management, environmental sensitivity, and self-esteem. Together, these things come together to give students the “will to be well.”

“The key to wellness is simply a balanced lifestyle,” said Lynne Jones, CSHP Director of Business Development and Marketing. “Support your body: Eat well, drink lots of water, practice good hygiene, get enough sleep and rest, surround yourself with good friends, and stay away from things like drugs and alcohol that are not good for your body.”

In order to provide a multitude of services and doctors, Colorado College works hand-in-hand with Colorado Springs Health Partners.

“At CSHP, our care philosophy revolves around what we call a Patient Care Compass,” said Jones. “This model emphasizes a team approach to care so that the student receives the right care, in the right place, at the right time.”

Boettcher is staffed with a full-time nurse practitioner and has a medical director that oversees all services facilitated by the Health Center.

Through referral from Boettcher, Colorado College students have access to all of CSHP’s specialty and testing services.

“In addition to the services available to students through the Health Center, the staff and providers are available to provide educational sessions, materials and communication for health-related issues like Ebola and pinkeye breakouts…and clinics like flu clinics throughout campus,” said Jones.

Another large addition to the list of services that Boettcher has added at the turn of the century has been women’s health services and sexual health services.

Gynecologists, STD testing, and contraceptives are offered to all students.

Services for the Health Center are often added and altered on a demand and supply basis. Each year, or as frequently as it is needed, Colorado College meets with CSHP to discuss services offered at Boettcher and determines any enhancements or changes that would better meet students’ needs.

“The Health Center applies their philosophy of catering to students needs. This philosophy carries through to the Student Health Center where the provider works with his or her team to help patients address their individual cares needs,” said Jones. “With this approach, we consider the health and wellness needs of the patient, as opposed to addressing just the issue they may ask to have addressed when they visit us.”

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