Nothing is really ever over. Wait, that’s not entirely true; the era of monarchy is over. But camping season isn’t—not with the right tent. What a camper needs is a four-season tent: exceptionally warm and tough tents for exceptionally cold and windy conditions.

Most four season and mountaineering tents have far thicker layers to keep campers warm and dry in winter. They also have different profiles for extreme high winds. One of these tents is the L.L. Bean Two-Person Backcountry Dome tent.

The first thing that one notices while unpacking the Backcountry Dome tent is its weight; it is far heavier than most tents, probably heavier than summer four person backpacking tents. It’s ten pounds on your back, so I recommend taking two tent bags and splitting the weight between yourself and a hiking partner. The result of all this extra weight is a tent that’s extremely durable.

While winter camping on hard packed snow, this tester was both relatively warm and found no water whatsoever in the tent. When temperatures get warm, the Backcountry Dome tent has an extensive series of vents to cool things down. The result is a tent that would probably perform pretty well in warm weather, although the tent’s weight would be a nuisance for summer campers. The price is another selling point; it’s only $400, far cheaper than many other four-season tents.

If you’re looking for a durable, warm tent for winter adventures, the Backcountry Dome tent should be on your list of considerations. You can find and purchase it on the L.L Bean website.

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