After devoting a substantial amount of my college tenure to the Catalyst, I now pass the reins into the very capable hands of Liz Forster. She has been with the Catalyst for 36 publications, written at least twice as many articles, served as a staff writer and news editor, and involved herself in virtually every component of the publication process.

She rocks.

With the introduction of the new Catalyst website, along with several fresh staff members, I have zero reservations that Liz will continue the tradition of the paper, not only as a record for all that goes on at CC, but as a forum for students to share ideas.

So, at the ripe age of 21 years, I present below my final will and testament:

2015 Editor in Chief Liz Forster.
2015 Editor in Chief Liz Forster.

For Liz: My love, stress, “We like to have fun here,” Bill Kim, a reliable server, Chipotle, full color, Kentucky Deluxe, and smooth Thursdays. For Taylor: A nice Jewish Tinder boy, equal spacing, and full color. For Jin Mei: a gorgeous website, my greatest appreciation, and 16 PDFs. For Karen: A huge thank-you for all the times you went above and beyond! For Beryl: The beauty of quiet competence. For Cullen: Last night, W-4s, god-like features, and always working hard-on those checks. For Veronica, Kendall, Esther, and all photographers: Eternal life and a compliant staff. For Gabby: Ads and abs. For Charlie: A Friday nap. For Brian: A long wire to swing on and following what makes you tick. For Casey: Mailed goods. For Jerry P: Breaking news sports correspondent David, and Detroit sports. For Baby: Daddy. For Emilia: Wild Bill. For Willy Kim: A sick new plane decal and always saying what is on your mind. For Chance: An Oscar, Grammy, and Webby. For all 60 of you that help make a weekly publication a reality: An ice-cold Genesee, long winter’s nap, and my deepest respect.

Also, a big thank-you to all my friends and family for putting up with a true stress-case for the past several years.

God Bless-
Jack Sweeney

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