Jonathan Wenegieme

Staff Writer

With second week coming to a close and the latter half of the block looming upon us and many midterms and papers to prepare for, we try to find more efficient ways to stay focused.

Maybe we work at the library, holed up in the Lincoln Room or soliciting the tables outside of Chas Coffee to chat with Steve over a vanilla chai or a red eye. We may also opt to work in the quiet Fishbowl where the only sounds that occur are the shuffling of papers and the scratch of pens.

Now it comes to my attention that a new place has been available on campus that not many students know about. It is located on 1115 N. Cascade Avenue, and it is called the Interdisciplinary House (ID House for short).

When I found out about it, I had to go take a look at it for myself. When I walked inside, I came across the only person in the house, senior Meryl Ellington. I sat down with her for a brief interview to learn more about this elusive studying space and why it needs to be more in the limelight.

Ellington, along with other students, finds this space to be different from other study haunts on campus. “It is a very quiet community, obviously because no one knows about it yet,” she said. “It is a more comfortable setting, hence the house theme, and it is a place where students can really focus, whether it is with a group or by yourself.”

So who opened up the ID house to students? Apparently, it was originally used for Feminist and Gender Studies classes as well as Race and Ethnic Studies. “A lot of students who occasionally came here for class really appreciated the feel of the house and the teachers wanted to take advantage of it. So Heidi [Heidi Lewis, Feminist and Gender Studies Professor] and Linda decided to open the space to students hoping it would give them a better place to study,” Ellington said.

I took a tour around the house and I was very impressed with everything I saw. When I immediately walked in, I noticed the large table where a big or small group could work on a project. I went in further and noticed there was a printer. Sadly, Ellington told me that it is very slow and wouldn’t be of much use.

Other than that downer, everything in the house was great. The upstairs had a great study room that looked very nice, and overall, the aura of the house was very inviting. I would have loved to live there if it had been available as a living space. I am really surprised that I did not notice this house any sooner.

As much as I love talking to people in the library and other places, there are definitely times when I feel I have to buckle down and work in privacy. I highly recommend that every student should at least go and visit the ID house and see if it fits their studying needs. It is definitely a great addition to have on our campus!

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