Candelaria Alcat
Staff Writer

Although Greek life has, for the most part, played a minor role at Colorado College, fraternities and sororities on campus are looking to make a bigger splash.

“We’ve established more camaraderie within the brothers, which has become extremely contagious to our pledges as well,” said Chris Bemis, President of Colorado College’s chapter of Sigma Chi. “We’re keeping this momentum forward, and we’re trying to be 30-40 members strong by the end of this year.”

With new resources and a 100 percent increase in pledges, Sigma Chi has been absolutely revamping the way the chapter is run at Colorado College.

One of the biggest changes that have come about for the brotherhood is that they now have their fraternity house back. Throughout previous years, there were issues with people living there.

With a new communal space to gather and host events, the brothers are planning to host blockly mixers with all fraternities and sororities on campus, all-Greek formals, and the campus-wide Psychedelic Bowling event, occurring once again this December.

“We’re having a great time, we’re starting new traditions, and externally, we’re trying to make more of an entire Greek community,” said Brooks Pinnick, Vice President of the Colorado College Chapter of Sigma Chi.

In order to also internally enhance the system of the chapter, Bryce Miller and Brooks Pinnick have been attending weekly meetings for the Internal Fraternity Council with the help of faculty Bethany Grubbs and Jason Weis.

“It’s definitely a different environment than you’d get at a larger school, but we’re adapting it to a small, liberal arts environments,” said Pinnick.

With its first rush of the 2014-2015 school year finally underway, the Sigma Chi chapter at Colorado College extends their arms of brotherhood to the new pledges, both sophomores and freshmen alike, who will help to double their chapter’s size.

“I know one very motivation pledge, William Pak, who was really excited about making an impact on the campus. He’s on the honor roll, he’s doing rugby, and he’s doing all of these things extracurricular things. It’s just awesome,” said Bryce Miller, Sigma Chi’s Pledge Educator.

Pak is among other pledges and brothers who are acclaimed to be the most social and involved pledge classes in several years.

“Another good one is Cole Thompson. He’s a freshman on the track and cross-country teams. His brother is pledging Sigma Chi at Purdue, and his father was also a Sigma Chi,” said Bemis.

Despite the fact that a majority of this fraternity’s pledges were first- or second-year students, a junior also stood out to the three leaders.

“Kyle Sansom is one of our juniors, and he’s really gone out of his way to meet new people. On the side, he’s starting a student EMT squad that’s being initiated third and fourth block,” said Pinnick. “They’re going to go in and check on parties, and see if anyone is too drunk instead of having to immediately send them to the hospital or the drunk tank.”

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