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In the next month, KRCC is sponsoring on- and off-campus events including a talk by radio show host Jad Abumrad and by famed author and comedian David Sedaris.

Abumrad will speak in Armstrong Hall on Monday, Oct. 13. Abumrad is the founder and co-host of the radio program Radiolab featured on NPR. Radiolab discusses advanced scientific and philosophic topics in an approachable and artistically distinctive way. The show won the Peabody Award in 2010 for broadcast excellence, and many consider it one of the most innovative shows on the radio, alongside This American Life.

“He’ll bring in visual and audio samples and describe how to make a story with all of those elements,” said Jeff Bieri, Program Director at KRCC.

Abumrad studied creative writing and music composition at Oberlin College before he began writing music for films and producing documentaries for various national public radio programs such as Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Tickets are currently available at the Worner Desk and are discounted for Colorado College students and staff.

Sedaris will be performing in Colorado Springs on Nov. 2. Sedaris is a comedian, the author of various essays, short stories, and memoirs, and is a regular contributor to radio programs including This American Life. His most recent book was published in 2013 and is titled Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls. Much like his older books, it is a collection of humorous narrative essays focusing on his own life. Sedaris will speak at the Pikes Peak Center downtown. Tickets are available online.

“I hope students take advantage of these shows…it’s good to support local events rather than going to the big city,” Bieri said.

KRCC also hosted the reggae group Third World in Armstrong Theater on Thursday night.

“I booked this band largely to appeal to the student base. These are classic reggae artists that have played with Bob Marley during the era of reggae that began to define the music genre,” Bieri said.

On Oct. 20, KRCC will also begin their annual membership drive. The membership drive provides the majority of funds to keep the radio station running. Their EarlyBird campaign has already begun, in which members can receive special premiums for donating early. For example, all EarlyBird donators will receive a copy Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls.

The membership drive will continue until a goal is met. This year, the goal is set at $200,000. In the past, goals have been higher by as much as $50,000. However, KRCC has started a successful sustaining membership program in which certain members have chosen to donate every month, bringing the yearly membership drive cost down significantly.

According to Bieri, the membership drive can last as long as two weeks before the goal is met. The length largely depends on the success of the EarlyBird campaign.

To donate or for more information about the shows, visit www.krcc.org.

Dana Cronin is an intern at KRCC.

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