Candelaria Alcat
Staff Writer

Colorado College is opening their doors to the 595 new Tigers that compose the Class of 2018, but doing so was no easy task.

This incoming class had the highest application rate in the college’s history by over 33 percent, with a total of 7,612 applications; however, only 1,366 (18 percent) were admitted. Within the admitted pool, 25 percent were admitted from Early Decision I and II, 21 percent were admitted from Early Action, and 11 percent were admitted from Regular Decision.

“That was humbling for us because it was going to mean that we were going to have to be more selective, that we were going to have to waitlist and deny more student even if they were deserving,” said Ashleigh Willis, Assistant Director of Admissions.

Having this broader, denser, and more competitive applicant pool inevitably led to Colorado College’s most selective numbers in all decision groups ever.

This past year, Colorado College was among the few institutions in the nation to join a program called QuestBridge, which aims to recruit and enroll extremely high-achieving, low-income students. This addition to the application process led to whopping changes in the applicant pools for all decision groups.

“One of the markedly different parts of the selection process this year was the addition of QuestBridge, which was certainly reflected in our application volume as well as the breadth, experience, and perspective that we saw during application review,” said Matt Bonser, the new Director of Admission Systems, Operations and International.

Bonser along with Carlos Jimenez, Director of Admission Outreach and Recruitment, joined the admissions team this year.

Bonser also added that although this class is not remarkably different from other classes that have been a part of the college, we are seeing yet another step in the direction of holistic diversification that the school has been striving to head in throughout the past few decades in particular.

The Class of 2018 began their journeys with the following regional distributions: 16 percent of students coming from Colorado, 13 percent from the South, 16 percent from the Midwest, 22 percent from the West, 25 percent from the Northeast, and 8 percent from abroad (7 percent of those abroad are international students).

Students in this class broke down into 53 percent female and 47 percent male. 27 percent of all of these students are students of color.

At Colorado College, diversity goes beyond racial, geographic, and socioeconomic traits—the admissions process also takes into consideration the experience and qualities of the subject before admitting them. This year was no exception.

“They’re adventurous—and that doesn’t always mean, ‘Hey I’m going to go hike Pike’s Peak today!’ but they’re adventurous in the sense that they’re willing to try new things,” said Willis.

Among the first-year students, achievements include: 86 D1 and D3 athletes, a semi-finalist at the National Extreme Cowboy Championships, a Gates Millenium Scholar, a 2013 NHL Draft pick, nine black belts, a manager at Accoyo Alpaca Farms, a nationally published poet, 40 gap-year students, a pilot, and innumerable other remarkable Tigers.

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