Kelan Nee
Guest Writer

The Sounds of Colorado College (SOCC) and the Colorado Springs Food Movement are teaming up to bring new and returning students, as well as members of the Colorado Springs community, together with—what else—food and music.

Next Saturday, Sept. 20, SOCC and the Colorado Springs Food Movement will be hosting Food Medley, a kickoff event for student music, featuring four student bands, and an educational opportunity regarding food activism within Colorado College and the greater Colorado Springs area.

”The event will be a synthesis of community and college food organizations and activities,” said Food Medley coordinator Andy Post, a Colorado College junior. “It will also be a networking opportunity for students and members of the local community to experience the food movement in a new and interesting way.”

The structure of the event is intended to allow those new to the movement to witness the cycle of food according to the most efficient and just food systems. Post explained that food movement activities will be organized according to the life cycle of food, “from farm-to-fork, to waste management.”

The event will also feature music from four students bands to both entertain guests and introduce Colorado College student music to the greater student population. Funkdozer, King Duck, The Raisins, and TouchIt will all perform throughout the day.

“We’re very excited to play at such a righteous event,” said sophomore and member of Funkdozer Dylan Pearl. “We can’t wait to play for the CC community this year and to get out there and dance with people again.”

It will be the first official college event sponsoring student music this year as well as a way for new students to be introduced to the student music scene and for returning students to reacquaint themselves with Colorado College student bands.

Amidst the musical entertainment, various hands-on activities for students and community members will be provided, including a bike-powered blender courtesy of Colorado Springs Food Rescue on which riders can blend their own smoothies.

Those in attendance will also be able to build mobile green houses with the guidance of an expert from Fort Pond Agriculture. Palate Project, a Colorado College-based urban agriculture program lead by senior Jonah Goldman, will also provide opportunities to learn about and build gardens.

Despite the educational aspect of the event, Post assures students that Food Medley will not be your standard lecture.

“The Food Medley will be an engaging evening of music, activism and new experience,” said Post. “Definitely not a boring tabling-and-talking type of event.”

The event will be taking place between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Yampa Field in the southeast corner of the Colorado College campus.

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