Mansour Al-Amin
Guest Writer

Have you ever found yourself talking to friends—or maybe even sitting alone—and all of a sudden, some brilliant idea sounds off an air horn inside your head? You might envision yourself, and maybe even a few other people, thinking that this is an awesome idea, but when the motivation escapes you, remember this: We all have the ability to be the captain of our own metaphorical, though occasionally literal, ship. Entrepreneurship is more than being your own boss; it’s taking your dream and structuring that dream to be shared with others.

A few days ago I ventured over to Earth Pig Records (1953 W. Uintah St.) to see what this place was all about. The shop is run by a mother and son whose undeniable passion for music makes shopping there a truly special experience. The selection they have is curated for audiophiles and casual music fans alike. The authentic feel of the shop is aided by the vintage rock aesthetic. It’s almost like taking a good whiff of the interior of a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, fresh off the line I might add.

The majority of the posters that line the walls are part of the owners’ personal collections, acquired over many years of attending obscure, yet epic, concerts. In the back, you will come across an enticing treasure chest of sweet vinyl priced conveniently within the college student budget at just $1. The collectable vinyl is tastefully organized in a display case along the wall if you’ve got extra cash to burn on some super rare polyvinyl chloride.

As you make your way towards the exit, you’ll glaze over a case of some locally blown glass, suitable for a wide variety of personal preferences. This record shop is an essential stop on any self-respecting music lover’s list, for the dedication to preserving the format of vinyl is absolutely infectious. Swing by if you’re interested; you’ll never know what you could discover while crate-diggin’.

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