Jack Sweeney
Editor in Chief

On a recent car trip with a friend, I had the joy of learning about another moving and mysterious belief rooted in Eastern philosophy. She told me about an ancient Chinese belief that every person is connected to the people they will meet by invisible, red threads.

Perhaps more perplexing than the fact that a red thread could be invisible is the notion that waiting for me, after my graduation from CC, is an entire network of friends, enemies, and lovers making their way, just as I am, towards some unknown city.

I also like to think about the spider web of threads covering this campus—all of us connected. You can see them zigzagging through Worner like some lasers in a spy-movie.

As a freshman, the red ties that have been pulling you here since before you were born (or so I like to think) have brought you to a pivotal moment in your social web.

The web, though fundamental, is by no means permanent.

The threads you create here will sometimes strengthen and occasionally shrivel. You will work on some threads just to find a stronger one springing out in another direction.

I’ve always been very mindful of the status of my threads, sometimes to a fault. It can be stressful managing your threads as a freshman, but I encourage you to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity we have here at CC.

There are threads springing from this arbitrary block in Colorado all over the world. Strengthen as many of these threads as you can, without pretense or self-consciousness.

I’m still working on that one.

However, I don’t feel self-awareness is a fault. It’s a recognition to the importance of the threads and the threads’ status in my life.

Two things I hope you take away from this brief column:

1) Metaphors are cool and fun.
2) Live a little. No regrets, baby.

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