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Staff Writer

As the hot summer days come to an end and the fresh smell of textbooks emanates through the air of Colorado College, a variety of employment and internship opportunities arise for incoming and returning students alike.

This past Tuesday, the College’s Student Employment office, along with numerous members of the faculty, kicked off the academic year with the annual job fair. At the fair, students were presented with numerous work-study options, including intramural refereeing, lifeguarding, and internships with campus resource centers.

Along with the fair, students are encouraged to take a look at the Jobs Listings page on the Colorado College website. There, every job currently available both on and off campus is listed. An information sheet that states pay, requirements, job duties, and more is also included.

Although taking on a job as a student on the Block Plan can be challenging, a lot of employers have this in mind and make it extremely doable to complete homework assignments while on the job.

“Working in the Fitness Center is really nice,” said sophomore Jennifer Murray. “I know that as long as I’m willing to do it, my homework can get done.”

She also elaborated on the importance of balancing school and work—especially on the Block Plan. Because of the afternoon labs and study sessions that some classes require, schedule flexibility is not something that everyone can offer to employers.

“The world we’re going to be dropped into once we leave this place isn’t going to be solely about textbooks and notes,” added Murray. “Having a job is great preparation for that.”

One of the major benefits that come with working these jobs in school is the plethora of real-world skills that one acquires.

“I would say that some of the advantages of having a job are being in a work environment or being in an office where you have to show up on time,” said Megan Nicklaus, Director of Colorado College’s Career Center. “People are depending on you and you’re learning how to use software packages in new ways, even for things like customer service and deadlines.”

As much work as having a job is, getting employed requires equal or even more effort; however, no student has to embark on that journey alone. The school’s Career Center is open Monday through Thursday and provides academic and employment-related aid with no appointment necessary.

Not only does the Center offer help with resumes and finding employment after graduation, but they also hold blockly seminars or workshops for all students.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming events including: The Art of Small Talk, second block; LinkedIn 101, third block; and more from the Passport to Opportunity series of workshops.

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