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As you settle back into the craziness of the Block Plan, cooking may be the last thing on your mind. However, having some great recipes under your belt for the year will definitely pay off after you begin to tire of the Rastall grind.


Simplicity is key; whether you have the pristine Slocum kitchens at your disposal or just the requisite “microfridge,” the Block Plan doesn’t leave us with much patience for cooking. Whether you are a burgeoning chef or a kitchen-phobe, these recipes are guaranteed go-tos by the end of the semester.


And let’s face it, we’ve all been there: snoozing until 8:45, then rushing to get ready and scrounging for something to eat before three hours of class. It may seem paradoxical, but the key to some great eats on these rushed mornings is a little bit of time; let’s just say sleeping is the new cooking.


Instead of waiting in line at Colorado Coffee, make your own cold-brewed iced coffee. Cold brewing uses time instead of heat to extract the flavors of the coffee bean. The result is a smooth and less acidic drink that you will get hooked on. You won’t be able to drink another watered-down iced coffee again. Here is how to make it:


Cold-Brew Coffee


What you need:

French press OR vessel and coffee filter

Coffee, coarsely ground






What to do:

All you need to do is fill up your vessel (French press, mason jar, Nalgene, bowl) with water, and stir in your coffee! To make a nice strong brew, use a 1:4 ratio of coffee to water.


Let this sit in the fridge for at least 12 hours. This may seem excessive but stick it in the fridge after dinner and it will be good to go the next morning.


Once you have let your coffee brew in the fridge, remove the mixture and pour it over a filter into a glass. You can add your favorite milk/sweetener combo, and you’re good to go!


While you are being productive and getting your iced coffee brewing ahead of time, why not make breakfast as well?


Overnight oats and chia pudding follow the same format: stir all your ingredients together, stick ‘em in the fridge, wait, and enjoy.


Chia Pudding


What you need:

⅔ cup of chia seeds

2 cups of the dairy free milk of your choice (eg. soymilk, almond milk, etc.)

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract*

Toppings of your choice*

Glass jar or a bowl




What to do:

Place the chia seeds and the milk into your bowl or jar and stir thoroughly. Cover the container and store in the fridge overnight. When ready, stir well and eat plain or with toppings such as fresh fruit, jam or coconut.



Overnight Oats


What you need:

Rolled Oats

Milk of choice

Stir ins: honey, agave, cocoa powder, vanilla, nuts, seeds, etc.

Toppings: nut butters, fruit, nuts, etc.


What to do:

Just remember, the oats to liquid ratio is 1:1 for overnight oats. Stir the oats and the milk along with any sweeteners or additions in a jar and let it sit overnight in the fridge.


In the morning, stir and serve with any toppings you like. Nut butters and banana are always a winning combo, but get creative! If you are ever in an oatmeal creative block, check out the glorious world of the Internet.


It may be cliché, but learning how to make some great ramen is a skill that no one should be denied. Making next-level ramen means going slightly beyond opening that packet of mysterious MSG-laden powder, but it’s definitely worth the extra step. Here’s one recipe to inspire you to become a serious ramen visionary. Just like the overnight eats, this dish can get as elaborate as you wish.


Ramen Curry


What you need:

Ramen noodles

1 tsp curry powder (or to taste)

1 egg (beaten)*

Minced garlic*

Frozen veggies*





What to do:

Cook the ramen in boiling water for about a minute or two. Add the curry powder, and stir for a few minutes.


For the egg variation, drop beaten egg into the mixture at the last minute, and stir until cooked.


To cool down your boiling ramen, add in some frozen vegetables for flavor and temperature control. And, of course, Sriracha never lets you down!


From a hot-weather caffeine fix to a satisfying dorm dinner, having these recipes down will be a valuable skill. Any other great recipes you want to share? Shoot me an email at zoe.holland@coloradocollege.edu! We are looking to feature new student recipes monthly.

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