Sammy Blair

Guest Writer

Have you been thinking about studying abroad? Does the idea of living in a different country and immersing yourself in new cultures sound thrilling and fun? If yes, then you should check out Colorado College’s new semester in Latin America.


The program takes place second semester in Peru and Chile. Students will enjoy an interdisciplinary experience as well as exploration of Peruvian and Chilean cultures through courses that are thematically focused on the effects of globalization.


For fifth and sixth blocks, students will go to Lima, Peru to take SP305: Cultural Context and Written Expression with Clara Lomas, and AN242: Anthropology of Food with Mario Montano. Outside of class students will travel to archeological sites including the famous Machu Piccu. During seventh and eighth blocks, students will go to Santiago, Chile, where Andreea Marinescu will teach SP306: Cultural Context and Critical Analysis and Juan Lindau will teach PS203: Topics in Politics: Contemporary Politics of Chile. Students will also venture into central Chile to experience Chilean culture in rural areas.


Outside of class and exciting adventures, students will have the opportunity to get involved with the communities they are living in. Volunteer work in Santiago and Peru may include working as tutors for children, helping the elderly in shelters, working with immigrants and refugees, and delivering food and clothing to the homeless.


One of the major perks of the program is that the cost is the same as CC’s normal tuition for spring semester (financial aid will transfer), and airfare is included. The program fee will replace what students would normally pay for room and board at CC. Participants will live with host families and will be provided with their own room as well as three meals a day. All homes will be at most a 25-minute walk from class.


One of the main concerns of students looking to go abroad is whether their credits will transfer or if they will have enough time back at CC to fulfill all of their requirements. The classes within this program are scheduled on the Block Plan, and are all taught by Colorado College faculty.


Students returning after their semester will have four CC credits. They can use the two Spanish courses toward the language requirement, a Spanish or Romance language major or minor, and/or the Latin American minor. The political science and anthropology classes can also be used to satisfy requirements within their respective departments.


Students interested in the program must have completed SP201 prior to departure. For more information, questions or applications, students should contact Clara Lomas at


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