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What is GetOutfitted?

GetOutfitted rents ski and snowboard apparel directly to your doorstep or your resort. We want to expand into more than just ski apparel and start renting really anything, like wetsuits, fly fishing gear, or camping gear. No matter where you are, you can get the gear you need.


What is your year and major?

I am a sophomore biology major.


Do you have background experience in entrepreneurship, business, or sales?

I started my own moving company over the summer, and it was really profitable. I was even making more money than my parents. I knew then that I wanted to get involved in Entrepreneurship Club. Since day one of this year, I got involved with that. I hung out a lot with Patrick, the director, and took his half block class. I just learned a lot from that really.


What was the inspiration behind the idea of GetOutfitted?

Our founder is actually Julian Flores, who is a local entrepreneur. He’s a Stanford grad. He started a charter school here that now has over 500 students, and he wanted to try something new. He wanted to try a new startup. Flores saw that it was really expensive to go skiing for the first time. So from there he was like, “Why don’t they just rent this gear?” If you’re a first-time skier, you don’t want to buy $2,000 worth of ski gear for you and your family. It started as a solution to his own problem really.


How did you get involved in this new company?

I got involved basically a little way into the season. Alex got started right at the beginning of the season. I got involved because Patrick knew Julian and told me he needed help. I did all of the market research for him. I basically looked at every customer. Where are they from? What times are they buying? What is the rental window? I tried to get an idea of who our customers were in our first season.


What was the preparation like preceding the presentation at the Big Idea Contest?

A lot. A ten-minute presentation can take like ten days of work. It was a lot. We were refining our message over and over and over again. We would give it to someone and be like, “Do you understand what we are saying? Does this make sense to you?” We were reorganizing slides and stuff like that, just trying to window it down to 10 minutes.


Where will the $25,000 that you received for the first-place finish go?

It’s going to go to our affiliate network that we already started working on, but this is really going to help start launch it. We are pairing with resorts and travel agents, and they are going to send us customers with a commission. We will pay them for a commission, so there are really low customer acquisition costs because we are only paying them when they send customers our way. Also, it is a great source to get our brand out to these resorts. Their sales and marketing guys can refer customers with email blasts, and when customers are calling the resort and asking about gear, they can send them our way. We think it is going to give us at least $200,000 in revenue next season because we are going to try to reach out to a ton of resorts. It’s going to go to that and making the backend system to that.


What are the plans or goals for the future of GetOutfitted?

Next season we are going to do hard goods. We are going to have local shops that will rent the skis and the boots since we only do soft goods like jackets and stuff. Customers always want the full package, and we are going to try to be able to provide that. Then, we want to launch our affiliate network as I said. And then we want to expand into other industries as well. We are still kind of picking and choosing. We were thinking golf. We were thinking a bunch of different things. And then we want to work toward becoming the Amazon of outdoor rentals. So you just come through us. The shops are going to our backend putting up all the gear that they want to rent. You come to us saying, “I’m going to Florida on this date. I want to surf.” These local shops will send the gear, and it will be there when you arrive.


Who else has been involved with the success of the company so far?

You have to thank Julian, who is the main person behind this, and his angel investors. We had a $100,000 in angel investing from some really brave people who just trusted him really. Alex Fitzgerald, the other CC student, has done a ton. Unfortunately he had a terrible concussion, but he was involved in this project even before I was. And our other employee, Christie Anderson, is our VC of Marketing. She had previous experience in e-commerce and marketing directly in the outdoor industry.


What have you learned this experience overall?

Well, I am a biology major, so basically that it can be scientific. As a startup, you have your idea of what you think the world needs, but the world is going to end up telling you what it wants. It’s really about trying to figure out who our customers are and how we can better fulfill their needs by having this hypothesis, testing it, and going back to the drawing board to reevaluate.




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