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As mentioned in earlier “Workout of the Week” articles, yoga is a great way to relax and strengthen your muscles at the same time. This week’s workout includes yoga that targets arm strength. Please remember to incorporate other strength exercises and cardio into your weekly routine.

Crow: This is somewhat of an advanced pose, but it will become second nature once you are able to master it. Come into a squat position while placing your hands on the ground. With your fingers spread wide, place them on the floor about two inches in front of your feet. Rest your triceps on your knees. Begin to lean forward. As you lean forward, rest your weight between your knees and triceps.  Begin to lift each leg off of the floor. Hold this posture for about ten breaths.

Intense East: extend your legs parallel with the floor as you sit on your mat. Place your hands behind you so that your hands are facing towards your sacrum. Lift your whole body in the air, and try to push your hips up to the ceiling. You have the option of releasing your head so that you are staring at the wall behind you. Hold this posture for eight breaths. Release back to the beginning position slowly.

Three-Legged Down Dog: This position places more weight on your arms, allowing them to do more work. Begin in a downward dog posture. Then, lift one of your legs behind you so that it becomes parallel with your arms and back. Your body should look like a diagonal that extends from the floor to the ceiling. Flex your foot and hold this posture for 15 breaths. Switch legs and repeat.

Wheel: Begin by lying on your back with bent knees. Place your hands behind you head so that your fingers are facing your body. Your palms should be flat against the floor. As you apply pressure to your hands and feet lift your body into the air. The top of your head should be touching the floor, and your hands and feet should be parallel to each other. Hold this posture for six breaths, then release slowly back to the start position.



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