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Life Editor

I must admit—this week in lieu of recent events, I felt a bit jaded when I sat down to write this column. The surprise snowfall and busy week did not help either. But Jack Sweeney the editor-in-chief, my boss, and friend, pointed out to me one of the most positive aspects of Colorado College that lifts our spirits: music.

And that prompted me to consider the broader effects of music in our community: community building. This past Friday my family drove down from Denver for a surprise visit. Most people that know me probably have caught me mid-sentence gushing about my siblings, so I won’t start here. But seeing my family was wonderful. Amidst some difficult days I was empowered by these familiar faces that I only see every once in a while.

Colorado College, notoriously deemed “Camp College” for its emphasis on small community and the outdoors, reminds me more and more each day of a family. I can’t speak for everyone and I respect that many people will disagree with me—that’s all right, I sincerely wish that you find family somewhere and that you feel loved.

In terms of school spirit we have our athletic teams, sure, and people attend the games and matches rooting on their friends every step of the way. But I contend that music on campus is one of the forerunners for school spirit.

As a proud member of the Llamapalooza Committee, disc jockey and writer for The SOCC, and someone who never ceases to clamber out of bed at 10 pm on a Tuesday just to hear a student band at a house party, I am a huge proponent for music at Colorado College.

The faithful audiences, colorful and energetic bands, and enlivening festivals generate an effect across the college that I can only pinpoint as school spirit. In between the threads of this tight knit community I also identify a quality of family.

There’s been many-a-time that I have found old friends and new friends jumping wildly around at house parties or that connections are made early Saturday morning from a band asking to perform at a house party. Often smiles, laughter, and a breadth of energy ensue. It’s remarkable how much music contributes to the fabric of Colorado College.

Music both live and digital has the propensity to evoke a certain range of emotions. In the next two blocks I would encourage everyone to take the time to smile at a stranger, hug your friends, and take part in music at Colorado College in some way.

Go to a show at IvyWild or any other venue! Check out Blues n’ Shoes and make sure you’ve got your couch and couch mates set out for Llama (I’m partial but I’m sure it’s going to be phenomenal). Take a chance on PlayHard Productions “Insomnia” and be sure to visit to listen to a friend DJ for an hour. Mosey on over to a house party where you might find first-year band Funkdozer perform. Be sure to attend Open Mic on the second Wednesday of Block 8. These are just to name a few opportunities.

If you already do this dig further, get your friends out there, and explore some music that’s new for you, even if you feel hesitant because of previous conceptions.

Most of all I encourage everyone to explore and contribute to the Colorado College community in your own ways. Music is one facet at CC where I find this family—I’m sure many others exist. Laugh, love, and rock on.

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