Noah Stewart

Guest Writer

This year I spent my spring break skiing in Utah with my family. One chairlift ride up, and I found myself on a two-person chair with my father. The entire duration of the ride was filled with a conversation stemming from the notorious parent/summer job question, “So, how do you plan to be productive this summer, Noah?”

I told him about the internships I had briefly researched and the other potential internships that I wanted to look in to. In return he had a few suggestions, but he mostly just seemed unimpressed with the prospects I had come up with. I felt the same way, as it is already March and I haven’t lined anything up yet. Upon exiting the chair, I made a mental note to get to work on finding a summer internship upon returning to school as such matters should not interrupt a beautiful day on the mountain.

As soon as I returned from spring break, I immediately began asking my friends about their summer plans in order to get ideas for myself. After talking to a few people I had not found anything pertaining particularly to my field of interest, but I did, however, find out about some fascinating internships that they will be doing.

Sophomore Costas Sidamon-Eristoff is interning at the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence, Italy. He will be working for an organization called Friends of Florence on a project to restore various eras of Florentine art that was damaged in a flood. He will primarily be restoring gold leaf on alter pieces that have suffered from cracking, fading, and water damage. The internship will give him an opportunity to work in a prestigious gallery in Italy. Buona fortuna Costas!

Sophomore Jonah Seifer has applied to a host of environmental-related jobs in the greater Boston area and is waiting to hear back. Among others, he applied to The Massachusetts Clean Energy Council, an organization that brings various clean energy companies in the Boston area into alliance. The organization has a summer intern application much like the common app. Jonah only had to fill out one application to apply to all of the companies involved in the council.

Jonah killed a handful of birds with one stone on this one. Jonah also applied to work for Big Belly Solar, a company specializing in the production and design of highly efficient solar trash compactors. Lastly, Jonah applied to work for The Cape Wind Project, an organization set to install the first coastal wind farm on the coast of Nantucket. Jonah said that if he doesn’t work at one of these organizations then he would be “happy to work outside while he’s still young” at a windsurfing camp he worked at last summer.

Junior Oliver “Oli” Hagelin got an internship with the Maine Environmental Health Strategy Center. The organization works to enact legislation and spread information regarding the use of toxic chemicals in plastic products. Oli will be canvassing throughout various neighborhoods and at farmers’ markets to spread the message of the organization and getting petitions signed. He received funding from the school in order to make this internship possible. Conveniently, he will be able to live at home while making a difference in his community.

After speaking with these people I found myself inspired to establish my own summer plans, so I took a trip to the Career Center located in upstairs Worner. The Career Center has a variety of helpful databases for finding summer internships and jobs. In addition, they also offer help with cover letters, resumes, and mock interviews. If you’re unsure about your summer plans, be sure to go to the Career Center to get started.


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