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The print version of this article states that next year’s proposed budget would allocate $69,000-$77,000 to Llama. These numbers have since changed to $60,000 plus funds for security and any profits. 

After a brief period of thinking that Llamapalooza wouldn’t be in full form this year, CC students can rest assured knowing that the Llama Committee will be receiving their total requested budget of $66,919 from various sources on campus.

CCSGA initially allocated $20,000 to Llama, $1,300 more than Llamapalooza received last year, promising more if the committee didn’t reach their fundraising goals. CCSGA then offered to match donations to up to $10,000 from various sources on campus. On Tuesday, the Central Planning Committee promised to give $7,000 – $8,000 to Llama, which will be matched by CCSGA.

CCSGA has also offered to give Llama a loan, to be paid back at the end of the year, of up to $10,000 if they don’t reach their goal. However, if the committee is able to fundraise another $3,269, they will not need a loan, having reached their initial proposed budget of $66,919.

Other funds are coming from Associate Dean of Students Rochelle Mason ($15,000), Senior Student Life Specialist, Bethany Grubbs ($1,500) and VP for Student Life/Dean of Students Mike Edmonds, who will cover security costs in kind.

Next Year

On Tuesday Feb 25, CCSGA’s Vice President of Finance, Alejandro Salazar, sent an email to the Llama committee proposing a permanent budget of anywhere from $69,000-$77,000 for next year. On Sunday March 2, Salazar met with the committee to discuss the proposed permanent budget further, and yesterday he emailed the details of the plan to the committee, which would, if confirmed, deliver $60,000 in addition to funds for security paid in kind by Dean Edmonds and any profits the committee makes, to the Llama Committee.

However, the Llama committee started a petition for a permanent budget for next year’s festival on Wednesday. The petition, as advertised on their Facebook page, asks students to “voice their opinion and give Llama a permanent budget.” It continues: “Each year we face a lack of support, stability and we fear that Llamapalooza will come to an end in the coming years.“ The petition was next to the computers students used to vote for bands at Battle of the Bands on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Llama Through the Years

Llama Year Projected Cost Actual Cost CCSGA Contribution Percentage Covered by CCSGA (Projected) Percentage Covered by CCSGA (Actuall)
2011 ? ? $25,000 ? ?
2012 $110,833  $87,056 $33,000 30% 38%
2013 $98,243.46  $66,970.92 $18,700 19% 28%
2014 $66,919.28  ? $20-30,000 30%-45% ?








2015-2016 Operating Budget

Bethany Grubbs $1,500
Rochelle Mason $10,000
Mike Edmonds (In kind) $10,000
CCSGA $30,000
CPC $5,000
Spirit Life Fund $5,000
Unallocated Funds (Dance and Theater Workshop) $8000
Total Operating $69,500
+ REVENUE $12-15,000
Grand Total $81,500-$84,500

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