Sam Tezak

Life Editor

This past week, I made an assumption. And though the age-old saying goes, “when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me,” I am certain that I only made an ass of myself. Thank goodness someone caught me before it went further.

I sat down the other day with my good friend and one of CC’s most talented writers, Andrea More, who recently helped write and produce the student-made musical “Galapago.” During our chat, I quickly dismissed a student written and performed play “Masturbating While Lonely,” written by first-year James Dineen, without having seen it. That is a dangerous position to be in when casting judgment.

I learned my lesson. Grudgingly, I decided to go and see the play myself, though as my suspense built as I waited for my ticket, my excitement and curiosity grew even more with the passing days.

The play was a success, with seats[RG1]  and three nights of showing with an additional encore this past Wednesday. As I explain in my article covering the play, Dineen and his two person cast comprised of sophomore Holly Pretsky and first-year Alex Sarche also succeeded in not only changing my assumptions and judgments about “Masturbating While Lonely,” but they did so while grabbing my eyeballs and ears and submersing me in a dorm room setting only too familiar to my own my first year at Colorado College. Incredible work, you three; I cannot say it enough.

Minutes, days, weeks, and sometimes years pass in interesting intervals, and one such example is this week. After a seemingly calm first week of Block 6, the second week sprouted with events left and right.

First, I would like to take the time to congratulate first-year Ruby Samuels for her incredible work since appearing as a guest writer for The Catalyst at the beginning of the semester. She earned a position as a staff writer, which has made me feel this peculiar excitement that surfaces when I meet writers committed to offering their lens on the world.

Speaking of offering one’s lens on the world, Colorado College had the privilege of welcoming one of the most important authors in the modern day, Zadie Smith. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to join in a dialogue with her and an intimate group of English majors an hour before the talk. I should highlight that I was fortunate enough to have signed up for Jane Hilberry’s Beginning Poetry Writing Class, but if I start there, god knows I won’t stop.

On top of that, a select group of CC student bands will be performing this coming weekend at “Shut Up and Stop Making Sense,” the Facebook webpage “CC Out-of-Context” was launched, and the campus is preparing for another smashing year with Battle of the Bands amongst a whole list of other activities and events I would rather not list lest I digress and lose your attention.

Needless to say, this week and the coming weeks will be fun-packed, as we are kindred spirits bonded by the phenomenal opportunities we have been given at Colorado College. Amidst this fun, play, and continually spontaneous weather, let’s be conscious of our celebration and of the bond we have the opportunity to forge with one another. Now I’ll shut up before I stop making sense.


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