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Romans 5:8 it says, God has commended his love toward us and that we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. That’s pretty amazing, if you think about it… here I am, this messed up person, and here I was, this messed up person, and he did all that

What advice do you have for the younger generations?

Don’t watch soap operas, don’t get addicted to the drama. Try a little less, a lot less drama in terms of relationships and explore

So I have begun taking yoga classes. And I am not entirely certain why I began but after attending the classes, I understand what drives me to return every other day.

That is, I have the opportunity to wake up a little bit earlier than usual, or other days mentally wake up a few hours after class amidst a pile of work, homework, and extracurricular activities.

Now I don’t disregard many-a-morning in which I grudgingly slumped out of bed and gave the sun a mean glare as its morning rays smacked me in the eyeball. That being said, yoga energizes me in a way similar to block breaks, weekends, and vacations: these are times to take a breath of fresh air, pause, and feel grateful.

In this week’s Life Section, our writers have contributed a collage of articles that all seem to be connected by this theme of rejuvenation.

Ruby Samuels, one of our first-year guest writers, narrates to us a Block Break BreakOut Trip with the Easter Seals, an organization committed to assisting children and adults with special needs. Maggie O’Leary, a junior staff writer, advises us on Eddyline Brewing Company’s best brews for adventurous souls during block breaks. Jess Gurrentz, a junior guest writer, takes a pause and reminisces with her close friends and roommates about their semesters abroad—both away from Colorado College and from one another. And that’s just to name a few.

On Tuesday night, I slept over with my good friends Nic, Lydia, and Winston. We sat back on the couch, relaxed, chatted, watched Netflix’s hit show “House of Cards,” and ran around the yard in a vain attempt to tire young Winston out. It didn’t work; though we clambered into our beds and couches in the wee hours of the morning, Winston was rearing to go come 6:30 am. I obliged him, and Esther, myself, and Winston bravely walked into the early morning.

The sidewalks were naked of human life, and their seemingly endless grey lines reminded me of bones, like the bare bones of the city. Personally, I didn’t think we would find anyone to talk to, but sure enough, just outside of a coffee shop off of Tejon, we met this man.

What particularly draws me in to our neighbors is the immense warmth and willingness to chat—even at 7 am, which appears to be feasible. The man in the picture had important things to say; not only did he speak about the happiness he shares with his wife and with his spirituality, but he even seems to radiate that happiness.

And so Winston and the crew ambled back towards campus just as the first signs of life began appearing from Wooglins and Slocum. And I’ll try to bat a better eye at the sun come next Wednesday morning while walking to yoga, though I’m sure eventually it may slip into a glare. I’ll keep in mind the importance of faith and relationships, wherever we find those, but more so: “Don’t watch the soap operas.”

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