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This week, The Catalyst took a look at the flux of various regulations at CC—the early stages of a tobacco-free campus, CCSGA budgets, and the administration of the study-drug Adderall.

Regulation is a double-edged sword.

While there are the merits to going tobacco-free on campus, such as health and divestment interests, there are students that look forward to a cigarette after a long day and proceed to dispose of it properly. And who wants to smoke an e-cig?

To further the point, CCSGA has reduced the amount of money delegated to Llamapalooza by nearly half of their proposed budget—possibly diluting the festival to a “daytime event” with two acts.

However, the money saved will go to spreading events like Llama throughout the year, such as an all-day student music festival, funded by the CCSGA, which will hopefully take place early first semester next year.

We were going to look into the use and abuse of “study drugs” such as Adderall this week, however this issue also presented itself as deceptively two-sided. How does the administration between the user and the abuser?

It was no surprise that we had difficulty getting students to comment on campus’s Adderall trade—which is, mind you, a felony.

Perhaps the most pertinent example of this would be the recent discussions on the ethics of legalizing recreational marijuana. We are adults after all, well… almost adults. Shouldn’t we be able to make these decisions for ourselves?

When one of our staff spoke to Assistant Dean of Students Cesar Cervantes about the regulation of such “study drugs” on campus, he stressed the importance of regulation through education, not punishment.

“I think our approach is education because there is a balance between understanding the needs and challenges that our students face,” Cervantes said, “and then going on a hunt to find these things. Our students are adults, and it’s important to have the conversations and to provide the education.”

Violations specifically related to “study drugs” such as Adderall average one to five per year.

So what point am I trying to make? That’s a good question.

There have been a host of complaints circling campus about increased crackdowns on… well, just about everything. All I’m suggesting is that before we jump to the conclusion that “the man” is out there to screw us, let’s take a look at the other edge of the sword.

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