Where are you from?

Graham: New York. Westchester, New York.

Sage: Seattle, Washington.

railjam.2.7.14.morganbak.12When did you learn how to ski/snowboard?

Graham: I started snowboarding at age 10.

Sage: 12 years old. My best friend got me into it.

Why did you choose skiing over snowboarding or vice versa?

Graham: I have always been a skateboarder, and it just made sense.

Sage: It’s funny. I had snowboarded all my life and just got on a pair of skis for the first time and found I had so much more fun.

What mountain did you grow up skiing/riding?

Graham: Belleayre and Hunter and Mountain Creek. Bellayre and Hunter are in Upstate New York, and Mountain Creek is in New Jersey.

Sage: I grew up skiing Steven’s Pass, Washington. And the last two years of my life have been at Okemo boarding school in Vermont.

What is your favorite mountain?

Graham: Keystone, around here. They have the 851 Terrain Park, probably the best terrain park in Colorado in my opinion.

Sage: I really like Steven’s Pass.

What sparked your interest in the terrain park?

Graham: I didn’t start riding park until the year after high school. I took a gap year and moved out to Whistler in British Colombia where I kinda got obsessed with it.

Sage: I think it’s that you don’t really have to do anything. You choose to do it and you choose to push yourself. And you get to be with all your friends pushing yourself. It’s not like it’s a team sport, where you have to get goals to win the game. You can progress at your own rate.

What is your favorite trick?

Graham: Favorite trick… probably frontside 50/50 front 360 out.

Sage: I have to say a blind 450 on a rail and on a jump, probably a cork 7.

What are your thoughts about the skiing/snowboarding community at CC?

Graham: I don’t really know too much about the community. I’m not actually in FUCC or ORC. All I know is that I have a few really good friends here that ride park. Peter Nossiff, Evan Mega, and Jake Peran were all in the finals with me, and we all ride together on the weekends. In my opinion, Peter should have won the rail jam. He’s a much better snowboarder than I am.

Sage: I know there are a lot of great skiers out there. Everyone skis. I have found more park skiers than I would have even expected to find. I know there are some really good park skiers out there who love to go up to the mountains and shred, and that’s all I really care about.

What is your ideal block break?

Graham: Any block break where I could get put up for free and ride park with my friends on sunny days.

Sage: It would be really fun to do five days of skiing in Japan or just five days of going skiing with my girlfriend.

If you could travel anywhere in the world to ski/snowboard, where would you go?

Graham: That’s a tough one. I would probably like to go to the northwest, like Tahoe. There are a lot of good spots up there, and the weather seems pretty nice. But I would also like to go to Minnesota because there are a lot of small hills there that a lot of really good park snowboarders come out of. They have towropes and they just lap it. It’s like they are at a skate park, and they all get really good.

Sage: It would have to be either Niseko, Japan or Marbella, Spain.


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