Jack Burger

Staff Writer



Where are you from?

South Korea

When did you move to Colorado Springs?

Around ’95.

Do you like living in Colorado Springs?

I love it like a hometown. Down south, we have four seasons. Its beautiful. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, most likely. I love it in Colorado.

How long have you worked for Bon Appetit?

Fourteen years this year. I love my job.

What is your favorite part of your job?

See…I love my CC students. Like a brother, sister, or mom, or friends or relative. Not for the paycheck. Well we need the money, everyone is not a millionaire, but I love my CC boys and girls and staff and faculty like a family. I enjoy it.

What is your favorite day of the week?

Hump day, Wednesday. And another one is game day. You guys in a game day, Friday or Saturday. That’s number two.

What is your favorite meal at Rastall?

If you’re hungry I like anything you can eat.

What shifts do you work?

Only AM, Monday through Friday.

Have you ever worked a Midnight Breakfast? Did you enjoy it?

I think about 7 years ago. I’m a little bit sleepy but I do. I do enjoy the midnight breakfast.

Pepper mints or chocolate mints?

Chocolate mints, of course.

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