From new Editor-in-Chief, Jack Sweeney

My first issue as editor came out this past week with relatively few hitches, thanks to help from a wonderfully committed staff.

*sigh of relief

 I find it rather comical that my first issue flaunts a front-page picture of two cupped hands cradling a newly legalized drug. (Shout out to proud parents!)

However, I am still amazed by how all the moving gears here at The Catalyst (some 80 people on staff) fit together to put out such a great product.

I’m only a sophomore, and I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into.

Most of you have seen one more VDP, a different school president, and a very different Mathias than I have. I owe everything to my fellow staff members – namely one person in particular.

I first met the powerhouse Jesse Paul, former editor-in-chief of The Catalyst, at a club fair early my freshman year. Starting as a guest writer, I tried to keep up with his breakneck pace.

Since then, I’ve watched him so I could learn how he tackled both a college education and running a publication.

Here’s what I got—ask the hard questions, trust your staff, uphold the ethics of the paper, take that 3 a.m. phone call, and never stop improving.

I’d like to focus on improving.

If you ever want to see an old Catalyst issue, stop by the publication house. It is amazing how far the paper has come with the help of past editors—and that’s just the paper itself. What’s inside those pages is a whole other story.

I’ve watched this school transform before my eyes in the short amount of time I’ve been here. There have been strides towards sustainability, increased community involvement, and some of the most thought-provoking projects I’ve ever seen. And this is all from you, the students.

I invite you to stay with the ever-evolving Catalyst as we try to keep up and cover all the improvements that you inspire here on our campus.




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