I wore a Hawaiian shirt to Ice Age, partly in jest, but mostly in protest.

When I saw last month that CCSGA had approved over $12,000 in funding for the event, my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

Every week, The Catalyst publishes CCSGA Updates, a large black box always found on page four that includes news and budget appropriations from the student government. In the year or so since we’ve been running this section, budget allocations were always a few hundred dollars, and sometimes, on occasion, a few thousand dollars.

You can probably understand my confusion when I saw that $12,322 was awarded to PlayHard productions for a one-night event.

I figured it wouldn’t be acceptable as the student newspaper to not investigate this budget decision. After the article ran last block, a debate ensued between those who vehemently agreed and disagreed with the funding decision.

There were those who thought the money was put to good use and those who felt the spending was frivolous.

Now that all is said and done, was it worth it? I’m conflicted.

I went to Ice Age on Saturday night to see for myself and because, admittedly, I’ve always enjoyed PlayHard events. I enjoyed Saturday’s, too, but I’m still skeptical about all that money.

I have the utmost respect for the members of PlayHard Productions who work tirelessly for weeks ahead of an event to prepare music, equipment, and decorations for all-campus parties.

The members of the student government have the immensely difficult job of splitting hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds among many well-deserving clubs, committees, and events like PlayHard and Ice Age. However, as elected officials charged with the duty of representing our wants and needs, I’m not sure that’s exactly what was done in the case of Saturday’s event.

PlayHard Productions is not to blame for the money they were awarded and, frankly, neither is any member of CCSGA. I think the blame lies on us.

The money allotted towards Ice Age was equivalent to roughly half a semester’s tuition at CC and represents many student club budgets combined, but PlayHard hosted a great event and in my opinion utilized the money they were awarded well.

Do I believe that the student activities fee money that paid for the event could have been better utilized elsewhere? Absolutely. Do I think we’ve created a positive discourse by debating this matter? Absolutely. Did I enjoy Ice Age? Absolutely.

Last week we wrote about how underutilized CCSGA’s $12,322 initiative — created in response to the Ice Age controversy — was. In other words, we were mad, and then we did nothing.

We have the ability to influence how our school is run in many ways, starting with CCSGA. We have a say in these decisions, and we should speak up. But if we want change, we can’t just kick and scream –  we have to act.

Jesse Paul, Editor-in-Chief

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