Campus Safety is working to cut down on bike thefts. Literally.


As the semester comes to a close, Campus Safety at Colorado College provides a final count of 37 bike thefts, which occurred both on and off campus.


“It’s gone down a little bit,” said Pat Cunningham, director of campus safety. “We had six in November, and five of them were off campus. We also had one in December, and that was off campus as well.”


By the end of Block 2, there were 25 logged bike thefts; 24 of those bikes had only cable locks.


With only a small pair of wire cutters, bike thieves at Colorado College have stolen up to three bicycles at a time by merely making one snip. Now, college safety officials believe they have a new campaign that can eliminate these preventable crimes.


“We’re trying to emphasize U-locks and heavy chains,” Cunningham said. “We had done an initial count in the beginning of the year at the bike racks, and a little less than half of the bicycles had quality safety locks.”


Due to the communal efforts put forth by the CC community, the campus continues to see an increase in U-locks, with a directly proportional decrease in bike theft.


“[During] the last check we had at the end of Block 2, we saw that two thirds of the bicycles had U-locks, which is really good,” said Cunningham.


In response to the stagnant count of unlocked bikes or cable locked bikes, Campus Safety has kicked-off their “U-Lock It or I-Steal It” campaign.


For this, Campus Safety has teamed up with Campus Resource Officer Jason Newton in order to spread the word on bicycle safety. Flyers will be posted to advertise the campaign in the near future.


Not only should students be cautious of day-to-day safety, but particularly so because of winter break coming up in the next week or so.


The biggest piece of advice that Campus Safety gives to all students is to,“just leave your bikes locked in your room,” said Cunningham.


Nonetheless, Campus Safety will continue to secure the campus during winter break.


At all times, the department has camera shots pulled up both on their computers and their smartphones, thanks to the upgraded camera system from this past summer.


With these high quality cameras, Campus Safety is able to obtain more clear shots of criminals that come on campus.


By keeping a clear tab of those who have not yet been arrested and crime in general that occurs on campus, they are able to recognize serial offenders and pass pictures on to CSPD as well as local news.


Between increasing numbers in calls to Campus Safety about suspicious activity and the spike in numbers of U-locks on campus, CC is continuously building its reputation towards being a campus that no thief should trifle with, officials say.




Candelaria Alcat

Staff Writer

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