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Located at the corner of Nevada and Dale, “802” is CC’s newest project, and it’s opening very soon.

The building, which will host a variety of events from student art shows to spoken word events, is planned to officially open at the beginning of Block 5, Jan. 20.

“This space will give us an opportunity to have a great intersection between the curricular and co-curricular,” Karen Klein, the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life, said. “In many ways, this is how the Old Whitney Building was used.”

802 features garage doors that can be opened, an enclosed fence area so that events can obtain a liquor license, a small food-prep area, and the original off-white tile that was used by the building’s previous inhabitants—The Leechpit, Toons record store, and a gas station, according to Electric Shop Supervisor Tom Furman.

The layout of the building was not altered during the renovation; however, Facilities Services is working with the art department to create a space appropriate for hosting art exhibitions.

Student art shows will be hosted in the building during Blocks 5-7, but for the rest of the year, Klein says the space’s use is up to the students.

“Once the building is operational, it would be great to have our campus think about the types of events and activities that could occur in the space,” Klein said. “I foresee the space being used for film screenings, slam poetry contests, spoken word events, receptions, lectures, readings, and other co-curricular events.”

For those who can’t wait to get inside, there will be a “soft opening” at the end of Block 4 involving an exhibition of student creative works. Date to be announced.

Jack Sweeney

Managing Editor

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